Real Estate Referrals


National Real Estate Referral Group

is your business partner providing you

unprecedented access to more than

250,000 independent sales professionals in

more than 10,000 real estate brokerage

offices world-wide.


Your referral customers benefit from the

long-term trusted partnerships with some

of the most successful sales professionals

in the real estate industry.


Consider the marketing opportunities and

educational programs available to you as

you take your referral business to the

next level.


The dedicated staff of referral coordinators is committed to providing you with the truly remarkable service that you deserve.


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Would you like to earn real estate referral

commissions on a part time basis?


Do you currently have a real estate license

or are you interested in obtaining one?


If you answered yes to either questions, then you could supplement your income with National Real Estate Referral Group.


There are no MLS fees, Board of Realtor Dues or Legal Defense fees. 

If you are currently licensed and would like to become a member, select the state in which you are licensed.  To obtain a real estate license and become a member, select the state in which you live.

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